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- Are you looking for a temporary creative designer to consult on your team?

- Do you have an idea in your head that you want to translate to product-ready sketches?


- Do you want to add some denim pieces to your existing collection?



Then the design package is for you!



I will put together research and product market analysis depending on your needs.

You will then get a concept and wash page from where we will draw your ideas.

We want a concept to narrow down the ideas and to make these ideas fit well

with your brand.


We will discuss how many products you are looking for and I will sketch 2 ideas

per product. You will pick 1 sketch per product.



Please contact me for an estimated price. 

Technical Design Package

- Do you have a sketch or garment you want to put into production?


- Do you want to decrease time and production costs?



Then you need a correct and complete tech pack to send to production.


The tech pack contains your sketch with annotations and sometimes photos to explain how the factory should make your garment. Every little detail from stitch length to seam position is annotated and clearly explained to avoid any mistakes in production.


The tech pack also includes a measurement list and grading. The grading is a table showing all measurements for your size range.



The price range is between €600-1200 depending on the complexity of the garment and what needs to be included. 

- Do you have questions on what denim fabric to use for what type of garment?

- Are you looking for some new wash ideas for your collection?

- Are you interested in adding more sustainable qualities and washes to your collection?



Let me guide you!



It can be tricky to choose the correct fabric for your product. The world of denim fabrics is extensive, from lightweight shirting fabrics to heavy outerwear qualities. Everything is available in denim. You also have the opportunity to play with colors and whites.

Depending on what you're looking for I will select fabrics and washes that will lift your product and bring in more sales. 

Please contact me for an estimated price. 

Fabric Sourcing
& Wash Development

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